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The top dog of the nation’s chief cricketing body has said he’s prepared to put the pads on himself if it means getting a team together for the upcoming Australia A tour of South Africa.

Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland made that shocking revelation at a Sydney press conference this morning as the June 3o deadline for the current pay dispute to be resolved draws closer.

“I don’t even give a fuck,” said Sutherland.

“I’ll fucking go over there and play myself, I don’t care. I’m not going to cave into these arseholes. We’ve got our vision to move ahead with what we’ve got in store for the game and the players have their vision. Well someone better call Fred Hollows, because the players are blind,”

“Just you watch me. Usman and I will put on a show.”

However, the so-called arseholes have hit back at Sutherland.

David Warner, one of the more vocal players in the pay dispute saga, has lashed out at Sutherland’s suggestion that he’s good enough to play for Australia A.

“Maybe if he was going over to play French cricket,” said Warner.

“Mate, his strike rate is worse than Courtney Walsh’s. He’s never played higher than state level. I bet even Clive Palmer could bowl him out. Wasn’t he a bowler, though?”

Sutherland said he’s been spending more time in the nets in anticipation for his return to the cricketing area.

More to come.


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