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Following the news that Channel Nine will make a multi-multi-million dollar offer for the rights to the explosive T20 Big Bash League to add to their test cricket and one day cricket roster, viewers have today accused the non-cricketing television stations of being pointless and dumb.

T20 has grown into one of Australian television’s most lucrative assets, with a Big Bash bidding battle expected at the end of next season as Channel Nine try to ply the invaluable TV rights from incumbent broadcasters Ten.

In 2013, Channel Ten forked out $20m for a five-year deal, and the next contract is expected to go for upwards of $60m with Channel Nine making it very clear that they want it all.

Channel 7 is yet to even acknowledge the fact that Australians don’t care about anything but cricket.

“What the fuck is going on with them” says local punter, Sharon Stacey (44).

“No one cares about your stupid cooking shows”

“Find some cricket to broadcast. Even the womens. Do something. What the fuck is the point if you don’t”

“They’re fucked, mate.”

Another aggressive punter, Braiden Bravey (28) says he has known for years that the ABC and SBS are are waste of airwaves, but he didn’t think Channel 7 would become so pathetic.

“They think they earn their stripes with the Olympic coverage every 4 years. Or the tennis. No one cares, mate. We want cricket. That’s all we want. That’s it”

Channel 7 has asked viewers to just bare with them until the end of the one day series, because they’ve got heaps of mini-series biopics about people that used to be on Channel 7.

“That and heaps of cool renovating shows. We’ve got a show coming up where people have to renovate a kitchen before they cook in it!”



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