The council of the greatest city in South East Queensland has put up their hands today and admitted they made the wrong call when they put a real lion on display with a real horse on Queen street.

At the time of writing, there is a bit of a buzz around Brisbane as fans of Victorian Leg Tennis and Eastern Hand Egg are pumped for their respective grand finals this weekend.

To mark this milestone occasion, Brisbane City Council decided to delight fans and families with real life versions of their beloved mascots that would roar and gallop proudly on the king of streets, Queen Street.

Unfortunately for those that did show up to see the majestic animals, the display went about as you’d expect with the lion predictably mauling the horse but without the decency of one of those tents in the Melbourne Cup that hide the nasty bits.

“While Mother Nature and the food chain are partially to blame we take full responsibility,” stated Brisbane City Councillor Josephine Ricketts (52) who has been unable to wash her hands of horse blood both figuratively and literally.

“We have identified what caused the issue which turned out to be a typical case of Grand Final Fever which should have been identified sooner.”

At the time of writing the lion involved in the incident will be forced to attend an anger management class while the horse will be made into sausage rolls ready for the grand finals.



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