31 August, 2015 11:30

IMRAN GASHKORI | Sports | Contact

A MOSMAN ACCOUNTANT IS in Royal North Shore Hospital this afternoon after former Test cricketer Brett Lee grew tired of him getting edges, so he came around the wicket and dug them in short to finish the job.

In what was supposed to be a jovial day’s cricket to benefit many local charities, the fast bowler stands accused of taking the whole thing a bit too seriously.

Sam Donaldson witnessed the event and agrees that 39-year-old was getting a bit sick of finding edges and no wickets.

“Yeah look. I know it’s for charity and whatnot, but he was getting pretty riled up,” he said.

“So Binga thought he’d have to get him out the old fashioned way. He told the umpired he’d like to come around the wicket and brought square leg right up. Next thing you know, he’s digging them in short on a very uncomfortable angle. He ducked a few but stood up to pull a real rip snorter,”

“He should’ve ducked the one that hit him. It was a real nasty one. Got him right on the grill, sounded like somebody dropped a frying pan on the ground. It wasn’t slow, either. Bing might be forty-odd but the bloke can still bend his back if you’ve pissed him off.”

The Advocate reached out to Mr Lee’s management but has yet to receive a response.

Staff at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital have listed the accountant, who’s name cannot be released for legal reasons, as being in a stable condition.


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