As the NRL tightens up through the final round of the season before the Mad Mondays don’t begin, rugby league analysts and commentators are throwing around more wisdom than you’d hear along the plank of timber that separates the clubhouse from the stadium seating at a suburban oval.

While Bryan Fletcher and Nathan Hindmarsh get to work breaking down how hard it would be to play, Fatty Vautin believes that it is worth taking a moment to consider asking “How good’s he going?” – in reference to whichever player was the last to score a try.

However, it is Tigers veteran Steve ‘Blocker’ Roach, who is really challenging the critical thought processes of rugby league fans during this exciting time of the year.

With the top 8 nealry locked in on the NRL ladder, – there’s only one or two dark horses playing past September this year.

As Blocker points out, The Panthers and the Storm are the teams to beat over the next few weeks, in an interesting observation that gives great insight into the mind of a true rugby league genius.

Not only that, but Blocker reckons they might be hard to beat if they are playing as good as they can play, which is good enough to get them in the top two spots of the finals ladder.

“Mate, if the Panthers or Storm are playing good, they’ll be hard to beat” he says.

“Especially players Cleary and Munster, when they play really well… They make it pretty hard for the other team to win”

These kinds of comments have all but cemented Blocker’s place at the top of the animal kingdom, when it comes to breaking down and dissecting the intricacies of the greatest game of all.

Other vocal commentators that have been throwing in their two cents at this time of the year includes Ray Hadley, who says the finals are the least of his concerns right now and that the NRL should stop promoting inclusivity amongst minority groups because it is breeding a PC culture in our society that prioritises wind power and the feelings of gay teenagers over the hurdles faced by the NSW Police Force which is a brave and bold institution made up of good blokes who never do anything wrong.


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