With another week of holidays left, local man Roger Deen (35) is demanding more cricket.

He joins thousands of other Australian men who don’t feel they are getting enough between the 9:30 am test openers and the final Big Bash batsmen at around 9:30pm.

“This fucking rain isn’t helping things”

“I just want to be able to watch 2000 over of test and big bash cricket. Is that too much to ask?”

When asked if he thought 12 hours of cricket a day for two weeks might a bit anti-social, considering that he is married with three kids, Mr Deen said ‘of course not. Fuck ya’.

“The wife and kids get me for the other 9 months of the year. Except during Origin… and the NRL finals”

“Niiiiice Gary”


  1. Should increase test matches to unlimited innings 12 days with an interchange bench and big bash matches during lunch and drinks breaks.


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