As the Rugby World Cup nears its conclusion, neutral fans of the game have today confirmed the desire to see an unusual result.

“All in brawl and both teams disqualified,” explained Berrick Betham, a member of Betoota’s increasingly shrinking rugby community.

“That’s really the only result I could properly enjoy,” continued the man who has sat through too many Wallabies defeats at the hands of the two remaining teams in the World Cup.

His comments come as New Zealand prepare to face South Africa in Paris, with both teams vying for a fourth World Cup.

Regardless of the result, the match will see the teams ensure that South Africa or New Zealand have won all of the last 5 World Cups – a stat that makes neutral fans wonder why they’ve even bothered.

It will also be the first time to the two titans of world rugby have actually met in the final of the tournament, something which has fans of the respective nations foaming at the mouth.

While the skill levels of the team will undoubtedly make for an amazing contests, for those who associate a lot of negative emotions with the two teams and there respective sets of ‘humble’ fans – a full blown punch on and an automatic DQ for both teams.

“Just have one of the Springboks sledge the All Blacks about sweeping the change rooms and then watch them tee off,” said Berrick.

“Either set of fans are gonna be unbearable if they win.”

“And unbearable if they lose.”

“But at-least it’s not England I guess.”

Berrick then sighed.

“Look, the All Blacks play incredible footy and it’s one of the few countries where it isn’t generally just played by toffs.”

“And rugby generally unites South Africa.”

“But it’s been too long since we were genuine competitors against them.”

“I can’t in good faith support either.”


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