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Letting out a small pout as her phone flickers to black after three hours of mindless Tik Tok scrolling, Clara Symes lets out a long, exaggerated sigh to signal to her boyfriend that it’s time to pay her attention.

But being equally engrossed in flicking through his Tik Tok page, which he did so at rapid speed and at full volume, it appears Jack is either trying to absorb as much information as he can by only watching two seconds of every video, or just flat out ignoring Clara completely.

And that’s definitely not on.

Though Clara could simply traipse into the bedroom to collect her phone charger, she’s decided she’d much rather have a chat with Jack instead – or a ‘bid for connection’, as she now calls it.

“I feel like we don’t have quality time anymore.”

“You’re always on your phone.”

More to come.


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