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A hard-working local millennial couple has revealed the horror that dawn on the day after buying their first house when they only received 100 collective likes between them on their various social media posts.

Proudly showing off their humble new three-bedroom South Betoota home, Dennis and Amanda Munro though they were in for a rainstorm of positive comments and a veritable fountain of likes.

But it seems the wellspring of well-wishers had run dry for the pair.

Some of their so-called friends pointed out that Amanda’s father, a local cardiologist, must’ve had a hand in them buying a house.

Others made illusions to Dennis’ mother’s family, who’ve owned land in the Diamantina district for generations.

Either way, nearly all respondents to the various social media posts were ‘snarky’ and ‘snide’ in their assessment of the Munro’s life milestone.

“I don’t get it,” said Amanda.

“Buying a house when you’re only 26 should be applauded but everyone just either ignored it or said my Dad paid for it,”

“Oh my God! He only gave us the deposit, he didn’t pay for it!”

Equally as bemused by the apparent shunning was Dennis, who told our reporters that it hurt that his friends call his new wife an ‘acre chaser’ despite them living in town.

He also spoke of the heartbreak he suffered waking up the morning after purchasing the property to see he only had seven likes on the photo.

While he initially agreed to be interviewed for this story, Dennis was too distraught in the end.

More, tragically, not coming.


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