Local woman Lindsay York has accidentally revealed a little too much about herself today after a chat about first crushes ventured into strange territory.

It’s alleged as her friends had fired off conventional responses such as Jeremy Sumpter in Peter Pan and the boys from Supernatural, Lindsay had thrown a spanner into the works by announcing her first crush was not only a cartoon but the cartoon lion Kovu from the Lion King 2.

Though her unconventional crush copped some judgemental looks from the rest of the group, Chloe is resolute in her decision that Kovu can ‘get it’ and even suspects her love of bad boys can be traced back to watching the movie as a child.

She speaks to our reporter Effie about her predicament.

“Why would they make a cartoon lion so sexy?”, sats Lindsay in frustration.

“You can’t tell me the animators didn’t know what they were doing.”

“He’s all dark and mysterious…I mean, he’s got fucking eyebrows for christ’s sake.”

“I’m confused.”

Looking out into the distance, a visibly distressed Lindsay appears to start and stop mid sentence, before burrowing her face into her arms.

“I swear I’m not a furry or anything.”

More to come.


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