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A group of office workers have this afternoon been positively titillated by the weather, after their mundane spreadsheet filling was interrupted by a loud thunderstorm!

Letting out a collective “OOoooooOOOOH’ as an earsplitting clap of thunder burst through the building, the employees could be seen looking at each other like school kids who’ve just seen their teacher bring out the TV on wheels, and showing various forms of appreciation – by either letting out a monosyllable word to express excitement, or offering some commentary about the sheer size and loudness of the storm.

Including HR Manager, Lindy, who gets things going by letting out a low ‘wooooooooo.’

“WoooOoOO”, agrees Denise, the program manager, nodding her head in approval.

“OOOH that was a big one!”, adds James, head of accounting, even adding in a clap for extra measure “must be a big storm coming!”

“Awww no, I have to walk home!”, chimes in Keegan, hoping someone will offer him a lift.

“I love thunderstorms!”, concludes the office intern, Jessica, which prompts everyone to nod and let out ‘hmmm’, before getting back to their work.

More to come.


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