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His four straw Trilby hats sit on the coatrack by the door and Justin Timberlake’s Señorita is softly pumping on his teenage daughter’s UE Boom by the stove.

Bobby Potter retired late last year and since then, he’s taken up cooking as a hobby.

Today, he’s preparing a feast for him and his partner Julia. They’re two high school-aged children are expected to join also.

Our reporter also attended as Bobby said he had something special to show The Advocate.

“So homemade fish tacos are on the menu today,” he said, kinda half laughing as he bounced to the music.

“Got them from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook. Said they’d take 30 minutes but I did it in 24. Anyway, they’re pretty tame just as they are but if you really want to unlock some taste, you gotta add some spice.”

The 59-year-old smiled and nodded.

“Some super spicy sauce.”

And with that, Bobby walked over to the pantry and retrieved a bottle of some extra hot sauce he saves for special occasions.

“Here,” he said softly.

“Put a little bit of this stuff on it. Not too much, you don’t want to set your mouth on fire.”

Bobby offered our reporter the bottle after squirting a rather conservative amount on his fish tacos.

“Wooo!” Billy shouted as Julia enjoyed the schadenfreude.

“That’s got dam [sic] hot, man! Yikes! Zoo-weee-mama! My mouth is on fire right now!”

Our reporter also noted that the sauce was quite hot.

“You want some milk? Jesus Christ, I’m hallucinating. Was there some DMT in this bitch?!”

Julia lightly slapped the back of Bobby’s head for swearing.

From there, our reporter concluded the interview and turned off the recorder.

He’s now downstairs in The Advocate’s darkroom where it’s quite cool, sitting on the floor in the dark with a John Player Special and a cone of vanilla gelato.

More to come.




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