5 April, 2017. 11:23

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As the cost of living in leafy East Betoota continues to grow, some of the town’s most vulnerable workers are beginning to feel the pinch.

After signing an enterprise agreement with his employer, local waiter Jackson Stumpman said his regular hourly and penalty rates were replaced by a flat, above award rate.

However, his hours were cut back dramatically at Le Pisse Dans Ma Poche in Betoota’s Old City French Quarter after signing the document, meaning he’s no longer taking home a livable wage – his story is not dissimilar to other Betootanese people living slightly above the poverty line.

But a silver lining has emerged through the storms of financial peril.

The 24-year-old revealed to The Advocate that now that he can barely afford to feed himself these days, he takes pleasure devoid of guilt in devouring food left on the plate between the table and the kitchen.

“Yeah, guilty,” he said.

“In the corridor between the dining room and the kitchen, I take whatever is on the plate and shove it into my mouth. The chefs hate it and blow up at us if they catch us hoovering up a bit of half-chewed filet mignon. But you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, I guess.”

The Advocate approached Le Pisse Dans Ma Poche for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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