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Glenn Gilmore invited our reporters into his Betoota Grove serviced apartment this morning to set the record straight.

His third wife Margaret sets cucumber sandwiches down on the dining room table in front of us and adds milk to everyone’s tea without asking first.

“We don’t have it in for the QUILTBAG [Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans (Transgender/Transsexual), Bisexual, Asexual, and/or Gay/Genderqueer] community,” said Glenn.

“Marriage to us is a definition set down by the Lord Himself. We have no qualms with the gay community receiving an equivalent legal bond under the eyes of the Commonwealth but to use a religious term when they don’t prescribe to a religious life isn’t appropriate.”

Margaret smiles and nods in agreement.

The retired nurse adds that marriage between a man and a woman is what the term marriage actually refers to and that allowing same-sex couples to essentially attach themselves ‘like a remora fish’ to common decency is an affront to Christianity.

“Marriage to us is very important,” she said.

“It needs to be protected and placed upon the high altar of love and respect. I could honestly go on for hours about this but I won’t bore you, sweetie. I can tell by your corduroy trousers and Pearl Jam shirt that the Yes campaign has already won you over.”

As 11 o’clock rolled around, our reporter was asked to leave as the couple’s favourite television show was about to begin.

Though it originally aired earlier this year and that the episode is saved in their Austar box, the pair often drop everything they’re doing whenever Married At First Sight comes in over the airwaves.

“I hope they can make it work,” they said.

More to come.


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