Mr S, as he would like to be referred to, has made it clear that just because Betoota High School’s 9C’s usual teacher has gastro, it doesn’t mean the next few days are going to be made up of spare lessons.

The bald veteran seat-filler of secondary education has let out the loudest ‘oi’ ever heard in by any of the rowdy students he has inherited this week.

As the classroom begins testing the waters to see how much they can get away with under this overly stressed hyper-masculine disciplinarian, Mr. S is quick to ensure them that he is not your average fresh-out-of-uni substitute teacher, and the only thing they can expect to come from this kind of unruly behaviour is their own tears.

“Back in your seats!” he spits, with the kind of aggression only ever seen in an educator who has been unsuccesfully trying to quit cigarettes for ten years.

“What’s your name? Andrew is it? You are up the front with me”

With a blatant disregard for any of the pre-existing predjudices that exist in this classroom regarding behaviour and reputations, Mr S is now turning on anyone that ‘he doesn’t like the look of’.

Another student, Sarah has never been in trouble in her whole life, but the pink streak in her blonde hair leaves her open for scapegoating.

“Who’s talking over there!?” yells Mr S.

“What’s your name. No, not you. The one with the pink”

“Sarah? Stand up”

The 15-year-old straight A student begins to sob as the ice cold Mr S makes her stand in the back corner for the remainder of the lesson.

Mr S continues his dictatorship right until lunchtime, where he decides that the entire class will not be joining their friends outside.

“You can’t just not let us go to lunch?” says the class captain, Anthony.

“Watch me” says Mr S.


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