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After first telling our reporter what in the fuck he was looking at, Shyarnnah Kelso then instructed him to take a picture – because it’d last longer.

However, after she calmed down a bit, the 19-year-old was able to confirm that her initial outburst was nothing personal.

It was because her label-less water bottle is full of vodka.

“I’m going to Misty Mahjong’s party on Clarke Street and Mum hid her car keys,” she said when asked why she was drinking alcohol on the bus.

“And I’m runnin’ late. I had two potato scallops from the Ship to Shore, now I’m going to get fucked up.”

“It’d invite you along but you look like a bit of a poon.”

Ms Kelso alighted shortly after but not before a brief verbal altercation with the bus driver, who was well aware of her ruse.

She was quick to remind the driver that her family has been in Betoota for ‘a hunnid [sic] fucking years’ and if her brother wasn’t in prison, he’d put a rock through the windscreen.

Police were called sometime later. No arrests were made but police are continuing with their inquiries.

More to come.

With additional reporting from the AAP.


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