A seemingly competent and level-headed subbie has today opted for what looks like the most uncomfortable stance during his smoko break.

While still joining the other blokes for lunch, Mike (or maybe Mark) has politely refused a spare milk crate, and opted to squat.

“Mate, you can even cut off a bit of the insulation over there if you don’t like the criss-cross of the milk crate” says the foreman, making an effort to not say either Mark or Mike.

“I’m fine” says Mike (or maybe Mark).

For someone who spends his entire working day that close to the ground, one would think that Mike (or maybe Mark) would take the chance to give his knee caps a breather, but apparently not.

While doing all the same usual smoko things that everyone else is doing, including smoking ciggies, eating sandwiches and rehydrating, Mike (or Mark?) slowly waddles like a duck to make space for other people joining the circle.

Witnesses say that maybe it’s not as uncomfortable for the tiler as it is for them because most of them are quite overweight is comparison, but still, surely you’d wanna just take a seat, seeing we only get half an hour a day to do eat lunch.




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