Local tightass Finn Dorsey’s thriftiness really knows no bounds.

A bloke who once hit up a mate for $4.60 after shouting them a coffee, Finn has developed a reputation amongst his friend group as being the type of bloke you never try to book a holiday with, because his continuous quest to save a dollar has become something of a personality trait.

And tonight, once again Finn’s tight behaviour was on show after meeting his mates for a beer in the French Quarter.

Settling in for a few Friday schooners at The Carpenters Arms, its reported Finn uncharacteristically offered to buy the first round, something he’s never done in his life.

However little did Finn’s mates realise, the move was partly because Finn only had 5 more minutes to cash in on the happy hour jugs of Betoota Bitter priced at a sensational $15.

But after pouring out a schooner for his two mates and making sure he got a tiny top up himself, Finn had the brevity to suggest maybe the next beer could be something a little crafty.

“Connor you’re up mate, another round I reckon!” he bellowed, sucking the final dregs of froth from his glass.

“That was the Bitters, I reckon something different next, there’s a West Coast IPA I’d love to try or that 6% Surfhouse Ale is also a winner!”

Having cottoned on to their mate’s attempt to upgrade his lager into swindling some premium label craft schooners, Finn’s mates decided it was time to pull the bistro rug out from under him.

“Actually mate, I might call it, I’ve got an early start tomorrow,” replied Connor, whilst slipping on his jacket.

“Yeah same here mate,” added mate Blair “Pigga” Petersen, “One and done for me, thanks for the beer!”


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