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Popular Tamworth highway diner, Red Rooster, has become Red Rooter overnight in solidarity with their embattled local member Barnaby Joyce.

The restaurant’s manager had the brainwave yesterday afternoon and went about removing the ‘S’ from their sign after close.

“I just thought it’d be nice to show him and The Nationals some support,” said manager Randy Bore.

“Also, the community is going through a tough time after the by-election. It’s a tough time for everybody involved.”

Randy says the joke shouldn’t really have to be explained, but for anyone who isn’t on his level when it comes to wit – the ‘red rooter’ is in reference to his adulterous local members iconic RSL tan.

“But yeah, back to the sign. I’d seen it done by vandals before. We’ve actually had the ‘S’ ripped off our roof many times before,”

“But this time, I thought I’d be proactive. Drum up a bit of press for the business. Looks like it’s worked, hey? I’m speaking to you guys now. I might even end up on the Today Show at this rate, have a bit of banter with Karl. That’d be grouse.”

When asked if he first consulted the owner or franchisee about the plan, Randy said he had not – but says all the attention the place is getting is sure to please them.

The publicity stunt comes the same morning more allegations against the red-faced Deputy Prime Minister surfaced in various News Corp publications around the country.

Many of which further question whether Mr Joyce belongs in Parliament.

The Advocate reached out to the Office of the Member for New England for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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