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“We don’t get a real winter in this country,” explained Ben Ticehurst, like our reporter wasn’t already aware of that.

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend.”

The visiting Sydneysider spent this morning struggling to park his Pajero at a 45-degree angle on Daroo Street while his partner, Ainara Boxford, turned her nose up at every cafe along the strip down from The Advocate’s offices.

Explaining over the district’s cultural breakfast, (a black coffee, two slices of buttered Vegemite toast and a John Player Special found down the side of a couch) the couple from the Harbour Capital remarked that it gets quite cold at night here in the desert.

“We were thinking we’d go down to Patagonia or Paul Reader and get a winter coat,” said Ben, wincing as he sipped the boiling hot, milkless coffee.

“Actually, Google is telling me that you’ve got a Canada Goose shop down the road. We’ll just head down there.”

Our reporter decided to join Ainara and Ben on their stroll down to the skiwear outlet district of town to see what they decided on.

Arriving at the Canada Goose shop, Ainara cleared her throat and spat in the gutter.

“Man,” she whispered.

“Are these things reds? Like 12mg? I can barely walk in a straight line.”

Ben laughed and ushered her inside to pick out a coat.

After what seemed like an hour, the couple picked out two Arctic-grade winter jackets. The type of jacket one might choose to pack when they climb Everest or equivalent.

“It’s like 20 back in Sydney right now,” he said.

“That’s fucked. But I’ll be nice a toasty in this coat. I could probably wear a t-shirt all year if I wanted but that’s not what I want. Hopefully, climate change will make it snow in Sydney this year. Just like in New York.”

More to come.




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