Business bros and start-up lifers are loving the newest trend sweeping the finance world; taking a quick micro-run before going to the bathroom to freshen up.

At least that was the case for sweating stock broker Jeremy McKewn (40) who emerged out of the pub toilet looking like he’d just been for a run moments before.

“Pushing it for the burn,” laughed McKewn, whose shallow breathing indicated he was exhausted even though he felt ready to go.

“Yeah let’s do it, it’s a lovely day and I’m ready!”

Manager of McKewn’s firm, Peter Mateo (54) states he is wary of start-up productivity trends that have come and gone over the years but that micro-running has returned his team to a form he hasn’t seen since being a yuppy was cool.

“A lot of them are doing this outside of work too which just shows the dedication,” stated Mateo.

“Most of them are doing it even though they’re sick, they just don’t stop sniffing. If they weren’t doing work for free I might have to send them home.” 

“I haven’t seen anyone work this efficiently since the ‘80s! Mind you, I had to have my bloody nostril reconstructed after haha!”



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