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A friendly local rug merchant has broken with tradition and closed his successful outlet store after hosting a fire sale earlier this month in which he declared he was ‘going out of business and everything must go.’

Nathan Haddad’s rug shop, Le Branlette RugWorld, has been a cornerstone and a landmark business in the town’s Lebanese Quarter, situated inside the Old City district of West Betoota, for over 40 years and many locals are sad to see it finally go.

“We didn’t think he’d actually do it, actually close his shop,” said one nearby business owner.

“Persian rug shops are always telling people they’re closing down and all their stock needs to go at outrageous prices. You never think they’ll actually close.”

As for what he plans to do next, Mr Haddad told The Advocate that he plans on taking a well-earned break before returning to start another business venture.

The 54-year-old said he hopes to take advantage of Betoota’s famous six-story bore shed by opening a rooftop cocktail bar not far from his former Old City premises to serve the region’s signature cocktail – the vodka, lime and sea water.

“I will have sea water from all over the world, the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian,” he said.

“Perhaps even water from the Arctic Sea and the Mediterranean for the intrepid drinker who wants something different. It will be great.”

“I will invite you to the opening but don’t bring Clancy because he will make a cunt of himself.”

More to come.


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