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A local millennial has today finally learned that it might not be a good idea to share every detail of your private life online, after making a rather embarrassing discovery as she scrolled through her Facebook profile.

As a hopeless romantic and a drama addict, Kate Quinn [26] often found herself falling head over heels for men who screamed red flags, quickly settling into a relationship that would soon break off around the three month mark i.e after the honeymoon phase.

Gushing to her girlfriends each time that this was the one, Kate would happily flaunt her new boyfriend across all her socials, with captions such as ‘this one’, ‘my ride or die’ and ‘twin flame’ – the latter of which she’s used around four times.

Falling into a pattern of all consuming love, a breakup, a month of drunken shenanigans, and then finding a new bloke, Kate had steered clear of any self reflection until now, telling herself that she was simply living life to the full and would find her match soon.

But after one uncharacteristically lonely afternoon had her mindlessly scrolling through her social media profiles to see how she was perceived by the public, Kate caught sight of the amount of relationship updates she’s posted. A discovery that was pretty embarrassing, especially as she’s drunk a whole bottle of sauv blanc to herself.

Chatting to our reporter Effie, Kate says she plans on keeping her next man on the low until she knows he’s the one.

“Fuck, I didn’t even realise, what must people think?” says Kate, as she lowers her face into her hands, “I don’t really post that much on Facebook either, so it’s like, 30% relationship updates.”

“Do people think I’m nuts?”

Adding that she also plans on waiting until at least six months into the relationship to post anything at all, Kate says she’s committed to keeping more things to herself now. 

“Yeah nup, I’m keeping my cards close to my chest, nobody needs to know my business.”

“It’s part of growing up, I guess.”

More to come.


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