As the week rolls on, a local school leaver has revealed to The Advocate that he is starting to run out of steam.

17-year-old Betoota Heights High student Brad Hollis (name changed for obvious reasons) says he’s beginning to question whether he’s got it in him for a full week of Schoolies.

Arriving on the Gold Coast last Friday, the young aspiring occupational therapist said it’s been quite a large few days.

“Brooooooooo, we’ve been drinking so much ha ha ha,” said young Hollis.

“Like, I actually think my liver is going to pack it in hahaha,” he laughed, completely unaware of what it’s like to have a hangover between the age of 25 and 50.

Enjoying some left over chips with a couple of cooked sausages from the other night, Hollis then confirmed to The Advocate that the little fat lamb he’s been drinking, is starting to concern him.

“It tastes like it’s got razor blades in it,” he sighed.

“And like, I love drinking haha,” laughed the young man enjoying a week long bender for the first time.

Speaking to The Advocate with a bloodshot left eye from violently vomiting a couple of nights ago, Hollis explained that he’d love to drink some better stuff, but he’s already blown most of his budget for the week.

“Yeah, I’d love a couple of Cruisers right now, we’ve drunk all of them already and I can’t really afford more,” he sighed.

“So it’s just LFL for me.”

“Puts hairs on your chest I reckon anyway,” he told us before peeling back off to the hotel bathroom to dry heave.

More to come.


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