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The Betootacone Valley tech start-up scene attracts the best and brightest young people in the country.

From far and wide they come.

Steven George is one of the lucky ones who gets to suckle at the teet of tech every day of his life.

But behind those soft brown eyes, there is nothing.

There is nothing because this sprightly 29-year-old is a tech salesman.

“I am dead on the inside and I have no soul,” he said.

“Your soul dies when you become a salesman. They don’t tell you that in salesman school. In fact, I did a degree in media communications. I wanted to be a journalist. Now I cold call companies and try to sell them something they don’t really need,”

“To quote the immortal Bard himself, I used to care – but things have changed. He got an Oscar for that song, you know. You probably don’t even care. I don’t even care.”

The product that Steven is tasked with selling people is ClickMagnet, which is something he can barely explain.

“It helps companies and online retailers stay connect with their customers – or something like that,” he said.

“In reality, it’s just a bit of javascript you inject into the header.php file. Amazing, huh?”

He rubbed his hands up and down the front of his pilling MJ Bale suit pants and looked at the ground.

“Maybe I should move to London? Isn’t that what young people do in this country when they don’t know what else to do?”

More to come.


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