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From Bondi to Bermuda, it’s a move that could shock the NRL to its core.

The Sydney Roosters have announced that they are planning on relocating their headquarters to the small North Atlantic Island of Bermuda.

It comes after the Sydney Roosters landed another big name signing in Angus Crichton and many in the sporting world were left wondering how long before the club came down in flames.

Phillip Olivio who works as the Head of Accounting at the Roosters explained that this whole salary cap thing can be worked around with a little bit of smart bookkeeping.

“The trick is not to go and do dumb shit like giving players boats and that like they did down in Melbourne,” he said.

 We asked Olivio whether the whole Parramatta Eels saga made then jump before they were pushed.  

“Haha did you see what they were getting up to in Parra. They were putting these Third Party Agreements on napkins and then giving the boys cash…… Jesus Christ. Even if we stayed we wouldn’t be doing basic stuff like that.”

“You gotta play smart boys. We are off to The British Territory of Bermuda so we don’t get caught for rorting this thing. That way we can get ourselves a 2000’s Melbourne Storm team that’s actually on the books,” he said.  

Olivio said that fans don’t have to worry, there will be no name changes or anything of the like, only a change of backdoor process to sign good players.


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