A recent report by a prominent Betoota nightclub photographer has found that a bunch of local early-20s blokes are now doing that thing with their hands.

Since May this year, local photographer Xander (19) has been taking snaps of partygoers right across Betoota’s prominent nightclub district, The Gulley, which is home to at least 5 different megaclubs that are all owned by the same Italian family – and wildly popular with the town’s working class youth.

Xander says while he’s noticed most young men go through a backward peace sign phase, it appears that this particular group of boys have completely forgotten how to do anything else with their hands.

Brad, Kel and Boofa, both 24, have featured in at least six different club photos over the last three weeks – each time posing with both the index and middle fingers outstretched as if to say ‘whatup’.

But these V-signs aren’t the front facing ‘save-the-world’ type. They’re the backwards ‘yeah-I’m-a-tough-cunt’ type.

“I guess it’s the inevitable next step after the shaka” says the photographer.

“The fact that one of them is always holding a bottle of water indicates they might be from a local rugby league team, or bikie gang, and are in the middle of shredding down for Summer”

At time of press, the boys were seen out the back of Betoota’s iconic electronic dance venue The Nightspot (also known as the Fightspot) aggressively sharing a cigarette while death staring a bunch of 18-year-old first timers.


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