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The Department of Main Roads and Transport Office in Betoota Heights was the scene of a heated stand-off a short time ago.

The incident came after the person in charge of running the heavily bureaucratic organisation in our little desert outpost decided to lock horns with a long-term employee once again.

“Gillian, we need to have a bit of a chat about this performance review,” said Beau Ra-Crat, the boss of the service centre, to one of his long-term employees.

With budget cuts being demanded from the head office in Brisbane, the boss has been tasked with trying to find ways to ‘cut the deadwood.’

However, things didn’t go the way he planned when the 61-year-old Betoota Grove resident named Gillian refused to move from her chair and simply laughed in his face for a couple of minutes.

“How about no Beau,” she said between bursts of full volume laughter.

“You can’t micro-manage me out of this building, even with that fancy 15 page report you’ve got in your hand.”

“And you certainly can’t fire me, if the 4 people before you couldn’t, you are a fool for thinking you can,” continued the employee of 30 years who is part of the fabric of the building.

“You know I’m not quite close enough to retirement for you to hit me with a forced redundancy.”

“I’m untouchable, so, no Beau, email that review you’ve got there, CC HR and the union rep in and I’ll get back to you before the end of the week.”

“If I feel like it,” she laughed before swivelling back to her chair and finishing off her crossword.


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