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If you want Sam Mousawi to be somewhere on time, tell him to be there an hour before you will.

The 27-year-old South Betoota resident has a reputation for being late.

So much so that his friends often joke that his nickname should actually be ‘Yalla’ – an Arabic term used to hurry people up.

Recently, it seems that joke has become a reality.

The Mousawi family arrived in the area from their native Lebanon well over a century ago, but the traditions and values of the old country have certainly lived on.

Sam spoke to The Advocate a short time ago about his new nickname.

“My family and Lebanese friends say, ‘yalla’ to me so often that my Skippy mates thought it was my nickname,” he said.

“So now they all call me ‘Yalla’ as a nickname, it’s pretty weird but whatever. Even after I explained what it meant in Arabic, they all laughed in my face and said it was the most appropriate nickname they’d ever heard,”

“Guess I kinda [sic] deserved it, but. As my mother always says, it could be worse Sammy, it could be worse.”

More to come.





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