An old codger has made it clear that he is surprised by the amount of good looking young women drinking at The Lord Kidman in Betoota.

While drinking his regular pint glass of weird old people beer, retired newsagency owner, Lyle Patterson (77) is getting away with saying things that anyone 40 years younger than him would be crucified for saying.

“Jesus their is some high quality trim floating around tonight” he says, within earshot of everyone, only to be met with giggles by the a table of young girls that think he is cute.

“Who opened up a can of good sorts? You pretty things don’t want to be in a place like this. These young fellas are no-hopers”

With the 19-year-old glassie now marvelling at his ability to flirt without appearing awkward or offended anyone, Lyle goes into hyperdrive.

“Look at the pins old the one in the silk” he says while looking directly at the smiling female patron who thinks he’s too old and cute to be held accountable for his sleazy comments.

“I tell you what a figure like that would have kept me awake at night when I was a young fella”

“What on earth are they doing in this dump” he says to the publican that has poured his stout for over 16 years.



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