Even though it’s Monday, the Brightley Lawyers Christmas Party is as boozy as an awkward staff event can be.

Booking out a local rooftop bar with river views, they have an endless bar tab and permission to really let their hair down.

Local para-legal, Richie (27), doesn’t know if any of his work-obsessed colleagues are into this kind of thing, but he can get his hands on some $200 bags.

That’s if they’re keen.

Richie approaches the subject with a known marijuana user, Fiona, but her initial response appears to be one of confusion, almost disgust, as she steers the topic directly back to their previous conversation about the recently pregnant chick in HR.

Richie reckons after about three more craft beers, he’s going to throw the idea to the floor on a public setting.

“We’re here all night” he said.

“There’s an open bar and not much food getting around. Personally, I’d prefer to not be the drunkest bloke here”

“If any of these dorks want in, I’m gonna make the call”


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