Local ute owner Henry Piddlesberg (37) has been stung with a $100 parking fine this week after a note he left on his dashboard explaining why he was voiding the parking rules failed to evoke the long-dead empathy of a local parking inspector.

Still searching for his keys he lost last night on the piss, the man left a note explaining the situation on his dashboard.

However, Piddlesberg returned to his ute to find a fine tucked behind a windscreen wiper.

“What kinda arsehole does this?” asked Piddlesberg, already certain of the answer.

“I left a note and everything!”

When asked about the anonymous parking inspector who gave Piddlesberg the fine Betoota City Council declined to comment.

Betoota City Council did however ask that we refer to them not as parking inspectors but ‘Parking Rangers’ as if they ever come near a gumtree that hasn’t been crochet bombed.


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