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A North Queenslander spotted driving down a busy road Friday afternoon has left drivers scratching their heads, due to the strange combination of bumper stickers on the back of his Toyota Hilux, it’s reported.

Onlookers at the scene report that the bloke had first caught their attention with the sound of Foo Fighters blasting from the radio, and because he would often reach out the driving seat window to rhythmically tap the roof of his car every time he came to a stop.

These two behaviours alone would be enough to entice attention, however it was the Jesus fish bumper sticker and ‘Diesel soot gets the moot’ signage on the back of ute window that had drivers trying to figure out what kind of person this mercurial man could be.

One woman who was stuck behind him for a solid twenty minutes says she was absolutely appalled to read the signage, mostly because she was ashamed she knew what the word ‘moot’ meant.

“How can you be a man of god and also a grub?”, asks Debra Fern, 55, who hasn’t heard much about the Catholic church apparently, “I found it very sacrilegious.” 

Another woman, 32 year old beauty therapist Sarah McKillip, says she found it funny as it’s ‘the kind of shit you only see in Queensland.”

“We really are a bunch of grots, aren’t we.”

More to come.


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