As the nation prepares for the annual summer holidays, mums right around the country are today just calling in to check that they aren’t a bit too ambitious with their Christmas plans.

With millions of inter-state and cross-state siblings and cousins preparing their own holiday season, it is now time for the matriarchs to strike, before they lose any precious family time to the old high school crowd.

The possibility of an international holiday is also viewed as direct competition for the nation’s mums, who are rushing to lock in plans before their kids book a little getaway in Fiji or Thailand or some other holiday destination that serves no purpose other than to destroy the very fabric of family life.

One local mum in Betoota’s homely Hills District has today made her move.

Debbie Lee (62) knows her young and free daughter Kimberley takes a lot of liberties when it comes to this time of the year, so she’s had to pounce with a phone call ‘just to confirm a few things’.

Kimberley, a 23-year-old accountant who lives down south was lucky to spend a good month back home last year.

Which was something to be treasured,

But still, Debbie isn’t taking any chances over Christmas – and is today ringing around to lock in all three of her daughters for the plans that she could have sworn she had already mentioned to them in passing.

“Hey bub. What are you up to?” asks Debbie, as she calls her daughter in the middle of a work day.

“Ummm… Not much mum. Just work. It’s 11am”

Debbie appears to be very excited by the news that daughter is at ‘work’ like a big girl.

“Ohh thats great… Anyway I’ll keep it quick”

“I’ve spoken to your sisters and they are acting like we haven’t already had this conversation so I’m just calling to confirm that you are still locked in to be at home for December 20 to January 28”

Kimberley knows she has to step in now before this becomes a thing.

“Mum, that’s like six weeks? I can’t take that much time off work… Plus I was hoping to spend New Years with the girls this year”

Debbie is unmoved by this very real spanner in the works.

“Oh well… You just see how you go. I’ve told the cousins you’ll be here, so they are going to have to book an Airbnb or something because you’ll want to sleep in your own bed”

“You never know with the girls. Those plans will probably fall through. Anyway get back to work”

“But yeah, just remember. December 20 to January 28.”

“I’m making sure your bed is free. It’ll be so good to have you all at home”


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