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Prominent surgeon, Miles Brune (51), is known for his lavish lifestyle, his fast cars and his multiple mistresses.

However, Brune has sent a chilling warning to the rest of us after posting on his well- followed Instagram that, “Money can’t buy you happiness”.

This appeared at odds with the surgeon’s well-documented and excessive lifestyle.

The post itself was even set against a photo of himself on his yacht, looking out to the horizon wistfully, as the sun set in the distance. Was he being serious?

Only last week, he had even told our reporter that he was “over the moon happy” with his brand new Lexus and that he was “dying of joy” being able to maintain a gaggle of mistresses on a part-time basis.

“It’s expensive to have so many girls on the go,” said the happy sexist arsehole, “you gotta spend that bread,” he laughed while making it rain dollar bills style with his hands.

In fact, Brune contacted our team two months ago with an open invite to a party he was throwing in his sprawling mansion that boasts more rooms and swimming pools than we could count.

For the event, Brune had even spent his yearly income to get his favourite rapper flown in from the States to sing four songs on the night.

“I’m the happiest man alive,” Brune had told our reporter as he danced with his shirt off, bottle of champagne in one hand and the keys to the city in the other.

Clearly, the Advocate can report that Brune’s unparralled and sincere joy was coming from the fact that he has enough money to buy everything he could ever dream of.

So we had to ask the larger than life surgeon just why he posted what he did on the ‘Gram.

“I just realised that it’s not about the money,” he said as he took us for a joy ride in his amazing new Lexus.

“Look,” he said to our reporter as he took his hands off the wheel and let the car veer off the road. “It drives back into the lanes by itself, look,” he smiled as the state of the art vehicle drove itself back into the safety of the road lane while he continually dapped. “So happy with it,” he continued, again contradicting what he had stated on Instagram less than 12 hours ago.

The Advocate attempted to bring up the man’s hypocrisy with him. However, Brune’s happiness was contagious, and so we just let the millionaire enjoy his new toy as we sped down Old Carton Hwy up towards the Roma Hills turnoff.

It remains unclear whether Brune was serious about what he said or not.

More to come.


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