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A boxing prophet who decided to grace The Betoota Hotel with his presence this afternoon has spoken of how he knew Floyd Mayweather would win in the tenth round against Conor McGregor.

Not only did he know, upon the fight’s competition, Brett Coffey told anybody who’d listen to him that he told them that Mayweather would win before the fight even started.

“I said, before this whole thing started, that Floyd would win in the tenth round and it’d be by a technical knockout,” he said.

“Not only that, nobody believes me. Honestly, denial much? All these UFC fuck boys are so dejected here, it’s so sad,”

“That’s what happens when you come into our house and try to sit at our table, or something. But fuck yeah, this is good for boxing, good for boxing. Did I tell you that I had money on it? That I picked it? Yeah, fuck yeah.”

More to come.


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