A local bloke, who otherwise wouldn’t be remembered as a party guest, has stolen the show at a local house party for a couple of minutes by doing a shoey out of his damp skater footwear.

Jase Hollingworth (31) isn’t well known for his one-liners, taste in music, or general knowledge, but he is really good at frantically dropping to a knee in the middle of a dance floor and binge drinking alcohol out of his pungent footwear.

The “shoey” is a ritual popular in Australia where the drinker either removes their own shoe, or nominates a friend’s shoe to be used as the vessel. The shoe is tilted and the entire contents of a can of beer are poured into the shoe’s opening. Once the beverage has settled, the beer is drunk by tipping the shoe up to the mouth and chugging it. The drink most commonly used for a shoey is beer, however other alcoholic beverages are also used.

In Jase’s case, he has even been known to drink his good mate Wingnut’s urine out of a shoe, if the house party is particularly loose.

Australian Formula One racer Daniel Ricciardo, surf rock band The Dune Rats and extreme surfers The Mad Hueys are all well-known for their high profile shoeys – however when it comes to suburban house parties, the shoey is usually championed by the bloke who isn’t offering much else.

“[laughter] did you see Jase do a shoey?” asked one of the girls, Phoebe.

“Was that guy’s name Jase? I didn’t know who he was” says Georgia.

“His shoe was pretty gross-smelling. I hope he doesn’t get sick”

With Eagle Rock scheduled to come on next in the Spotify playlist, it is believed Jase will be the first bloke to drop his pants and show his jocks, complete with the odd damp patch from his last trip to the urinal.


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