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A semi-retired local mother has taken to social media this morning in an attempt to stave off the boredom often associated with home life.

Wendy Gondola, the owner-operator of popular French Quater hammock shop, Heroin Hammocks, has taken a shine to ‘Minions’ memes according to her son, Dylan.

However, Dylan is beginning to think that signing his mother up to The Face Book is beginning to have a detrimental effect on her.

“She likes and shares theses Minions memes that are inappropriate,” said Dylan.

“The other day, when I was out of reception driving up from Toompine, she shared a highly offensive and quite homophobic meme to my timeline. A lot of my friends saw it and rang to tell me,”

The offensive meme shared to Dylan’s Face Book timeline by his mother. PHOTO: Supplied.

“I’m growing concerned that these stupid yellow man memes are beginning to brainwash my mother. She’s a pleasant and kind woman whose being led astray by these sociopaths that make the memes. Perhaps this was a mistake.”

But when The Advocate reached out to Wendy for comment, the nefarious Sagittarius said that we as a society ‘need to lighten up’ and that political correctness will be the death of us.

Speaking candidly to our reporter, Gondola explained that while she found the memes to be ‘hilarious’ and ‘classic’, she does admit that it’s at someone else’s expense.

“Of course I know there’s more than two genders, I have a QUILTBAG [Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans (Transgender/Transsexual), Bisexual, Asexual, and/or Gay/Genderqueer] nephew, I think he’s my nephew or they could be my niece I’m not sure,” she said.

“Point is that I love him and I accept them for who they are as a person, not some archaic social construct. But these Minion memes, fuck me dead,”

“I literally piss myself looking at them. They’re fucking classic and so, so wrong. I love dark humour. Black Books with that dark-haired Irish fuck boy is my favourite show at the moment.”

More to come.


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