A local boyfriend has today saved himself the time, money, and stress that comes with a big-ticket anniversary gift and just decided to sort out a little novelty pressie.

Speaking to our reporter at the self-serve checkout in Betoota Heights, the man named Chris explained that he just decided to get a box of choccies and an outside the box kind of present that she wouldn’t be expecting.

“Let’s be realistic, after more than 5 years together all the good anniversary gift ideas have been used up, hey?” he said to our reporter.

“From jewellery to weekends away to household appliances and items, I’ve ticked a fair few off the list.”

“I mean, there’s no topping what I gave her at our 5th so why even try?”

“And what’s the point in me just spending heaps of money on something she doesn’t really want to try and appease my conscience.”

“So instead of risking my life by buying an ironing board… I just thought I’d go simple this year”

So he said that he teed up a nice feel-good surprise for her to stumble across during the day.

“I just have to hope she finds it amusing enough that she forgets I clearly couldn’t think of anything better.”

“And I’ll try and sort something out for Christmas, even though she pretends like she’s not that bothered about doing presents for each other.”


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