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Greg Klimt is a self-described simple man.

He enjoys supporting his beloved Dolphins and maintains a diet almost completely devoid of fruit and vegetables.

“I don’t like them, I like smokey BBQ sauce and potato gems for tea,” he said.

“Wash ’em down with a Betoota Bitter tin and a hearty bowl of Viennetta dessert cake. That’s how I live my life.”

Which part of the reason why the 39-year-old father was bemused by popular British game show, QI, that appeared on his television on his way to 7Mate.

“What the hell is this shit?” he asked himself.

“I don’t understand what they’re saying. Is this supposed to be a comedy show? Braileene! Get him here!”

“Get a load of this shit. They’re asking questions but no cunt is giving him a straight answer, they just try and be funny but fuck it up most of the time, I think.”

Having seen this programme before, Braileene explained to Greg that the show is like Wheel Of Fortune but for smart, socialist people like the yuppies in Betoota’s Old City district.

“Just ignore it, Greggy. Take a breath. I’ll pan-fry you some fish fingers in a minute,” she said rubbing his head.

“I taped Storage Wars for you too, hun.”

More to come.



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