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A Daroo Street Polytechnic design student has shared her harrowing tale of how after being asked if a bomb had gone off in her messy Caldwell Street bedroom, she had to confirm that an explosive device did go off, making her room resemble a Mosul farmers market.

Maggie Wonderlup, 21, confided in The Advocate a short moment ago and explained that bombs often go off in her room and that she tries her best to keep her room tidy – especially when her parents visit.

“Yes,” she said.

“I can confirm that at approximately 8pm last night, an improvised explosive device did go off in my bedroom,”

“Some of my friends and family think it’s funny to ask me if a bomb had gone off in my room on the count of it being so messy and all, but the sad reality is that an explosion really did take place.”

While Ms Wonderlup and two unnamed friends were preparing for a night out in her room last night, the actual blast itself did not occur until some time after they’d left.

Police and investigators understand that the Perth-native and her pals frequented The Pelican & Lapband Inn on Lewis Avenue before being asked to leave in what Wonderlup is calling a ‘misunderstanding’.

“We basically all blacked out after that. My netbank says we went to the Dolphins Club but I don’t remember. But yeah the room was a mess when I woke up this morning.”

More to come.



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