28 March, 2017. 12:23

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A first-grade tighthead prop has taken to social media this afternoon with details of a Saturday night tryst with a local woman – in the hopes of finding her after the mystery woman took off before he woke up.

Pavel Mikhailov is playing his fourth season in the Betoota Dolphins number three jersey and played out of his skin last weekend, taking home Man of the Match in the 21-0 thumping of the Windorah Jellyfish.

However, what happened afterwards down at the nearby Betoota Sailing Club has fast become the talk of the town.

The Russian-born rugby import said he cracked the lid off his last bottle of Stolichnaya just after midnight and everything after that is a “bit of a blur”.

“One thing for certain, this husky bit of sports entertainment got lucky,” said the 24-year-old as he posed for the promotional shots used in this article.

“I think her name was Shaelee or something to that effect, you know what I mean. I don’t really remember but all I do know is that I laid more pipe than a West End plumber.”

“But she left before I woke up the next morning and didn’t leave a note or anything. I didn’t even get her number. So if you’re reading this, my mystery woman of the night, I just wanted to know if you’re down for round two? The only two-for-one? Cheers.”

Do you know who chonged Pavel Mikhailov on Saturday night? 

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