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The principal of an exclusive local private boys’ school has taken time out of his busy morning to explain to The Advocate that should any of his students feel the need to turn up to school out of uniform, he will feel the need to punish them for it.

Dr Robert Tintern has been Principal of The Barnemouth College for nearly a decade and he prides himself on providing a safe environment for his pupils to grow from curious boys to confident men.

However, he draws the line at letting them wear a dress to school.

“Yes, I have seen those narrow-minded advertisements on the television for the ‘No’ campaign,” said Tintern.

“While we do promote and actively support the ‘Yes’ vote, one part of that ad did not sit well with me. The part about letting boys wear a dress to school. That cake is a bit too rich for my Longreachanese palate,”

“So I wanted to reiterate today that wearing a dress to school at Barnemouth is not acceptable and should any pupil try to test me on this, they will be given a Saturday detention or a pack drill from their housemaster. You will be punished.”

When asked whether the school would make exceptions, Dr Tintern said ‘no’.

“If it isn’t in the uniform shop or clothing pool, you can’t wear it to school,”

“If you do, you will be punished.”

More to come.


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