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All that Robert Illes wants from his students is their personal best – that’s his internal motto and a personal creed that’s served him well so far in life.

But the 24-year-old recent graduate voiced his concerns to The Advocate last night over half a dozen vodka Powerades down at the Betoota Dolphins Leagues Club about the amount of effort his students are putting into his classes.

In particular, the beep test.

“Oi, I know that nobody really likes doing the beep test but I expect my students to at least do their best,” he said.

“Their personal best. I mean look, I don’t wake up each morning and bust my arse and smash a gym session before school or run an easy 5km because somebody is making me do it. I do it for me.”

The South Betoota Technical teacher then went on to explain that there’s a big difference between those who do try and those who don’t.

“It’s a tactical thing as much as it is about cardiovascular endurance,” said Illes.

“Those big dumb jock kids who run as fast as they can straight out of the gates aren’t doing themselves any favours. Just like the kids with a reasonable amount of fitness dropping out at 5. You can’t win.”

Mr Illes then did his own personal best of seven vodka Powerades before falling asleep in the Cruis’n USA racing arcade game.

More to come.


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