5 August, 2016 10:15


Local mum, Deidre Colley (48) is thoroughly impressed by her 17-year-old son Braiden’s homemade bunsen burner, it has been confirmed.

After stumbling upon it while cleaning the floor underneath his bed this afternoon, Mrs Colley was amazed by the engineering involved in what her son says is just ‘some thing they made us do at school’.

“To see it just sitting there. With all the different chambers and measurements. It’s quite a piece of work,” she says, with her docile teenage son under her arm.

“I was puzzled. But Braiden said it’s a science project… Apparently his wasn’t even the best one!”

With her son smiling and giggling unnecessarily, Mrs Colley says she is glad to finally piece together all those bubbling sounds.

“Every time I hear that noise coming from his room, I think they are drinking alcohol or something,”

“I’m glad its just a bit of methane running through a Gatorade bottle and garden hose,”

“It had me quite worried for a while there”.

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