A local ringer has impressed hundreds of racegoers at the annual Quilpie Digger’s Cup by opening a can of Betoota Bitter with his forehead.

Witnesses says they were initially under the impression that Paul Holsen (19) did not know how to open a beer the normal way, until it became clear that it was just a run-of-the-mill party trick that he occasionally pulls out if he’s got a cigarette in his other hand.

“It was amazing” said one fashions of the field winner, Shayleigh Tully.

“I had no idea that you could open a beer by smashing the can into your head with that much force”

It is believed the plain-looking agricultural professional from Betoota was instantly met with the interest of several ladies.

“Tell you what. She’s not a bad way to catch the eye of a few birds, Boorie” he said, before rushing to the dancefloor after hearing the live-band’s rendition of ‘Leave Him In The Longyard’ by Slim Dusty.

It is believed Paul had to spend an extra few minutes folding and rolling his swag on Sunday morning.



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