Bradley Thomas has revealed to The Advocate that things are truly back to normal for him.

The 3rd Grade Betoota Dolphins stalwart said that after coming up with one of his best excuses yet as to why he wouldn’t make training.

“Yeah I told the coach I had to pick up a puppy from way out of town for my girlfriend’s birthday and that was the only time I could pick it up,” he laughed.

The stupid excuse that he’ll inevitably get caught out for at some point, comes following his aunties 60th last Tuesday, and a break down the previous week.

“The first couple of sessions back post-Covid were fun and all that,” he continued.

“But now I’m back to feeling I couldn’t be bothered to do hectic fitness in the pouring rain on a cold winters night while some bloke yells at me,” he said.

His comments come despite the fact he is incredibly unfit, and is just days away from getting flogged in his first trial game for the Dolphins Ressies on the weekend.

“You don’t get match fitness at training anyway. I’ll be right. Just gotta make sure I don’t get spotted by anyone watching the footy at the pub after training,” he laughed.


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