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According to a study conducted by Australia’s chief scientific body, the CSIRO, close to 8 in 10 Australians under the age of 25 has received an obscure, barely comprehensible text from a parent.

This afternoon, local student Julie Dalhasse became one of those 8.

The 21-year-old event management second-year revealed to The Advocate that her Luddite father is ‘typically pretty good’ at using a mobile phone – but the string of messages she received this afternoon made her question that.

“I know we’ve got dinner with my aunt tonight, I think that’s what he was talking about,” she said.

“But other than that, he’s lost me.”

“I’m not 100% sure what he means by this”: Local student Julie Dalhasse left scratching her head after receives these messages from her father.

The Advocate reached out to her father, Max Dalhasse, a semi-retired cattle grazier for comment and managed to get a hold of him after calling three times.

He told our reporters that he was able to manage quite well with his old Nokia before some ‘uppity nerd’ at the Daroo Street Mobile Shak convinced him to upgrade to a touch screen.

“You should see me try to use the hoorang bit of shit,” shouted Max.

“Everything is so fuck-ing small and you bump the thing and everything goes away. Took me 40 minutes to write that out. I’ve got half a mind to put the bastard through the shop window next time I’m in town,”

“But yeah, I was trying to get a hold of my youngest, Julie, to tell her that her aunt can’t make it for dinner at Rosewood’s tonight and that she can call me and I’ll come pick her up,”

“On second thought, I should’ve just called her off the landline.”

More to come.



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