Local dad, Nic Manna (64) says the beers his son brought over for lunch today aren’t too bad at all.

“What do you call this one?” he asks, sounding as though he’s just discovered sex for the first time.

“Shan have you tried this one. Jeez, not bad at all”

After a lifelong allegiance to the sensible and very drinkable XXXX Gold, Mr Manna says he can’t believe he’s been missing out on this new ‘craft beer’ thing for the last 40 years.

“Bit of flavour too it. But not too much” he says

“Jeez you could drink a few of these”

With a whole esky full of these new 150 lashes to get through over lunch with his sons, Mr Manna says he’s going to have to pick up a few more at his fortnightly bottle-shop run next Thursday.

“Are they all like this one?” he asks.


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