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Believe it or not, a popular French Quarter sports bar is empty this morning as the NFL SuperBowl kicks off this morning local time in Los Angeles.

That’s despite the general manager of Franks Bar & Grill posting a number of times to the venue’s social media accounts advertising cut-price food and drink.

Miles Hogg has been at the helm of Franks for close to half a decade and he’s at a loss as to why nobody decided to take the day off and watch the game.

“I’ve got $5 bottle of Budweiser and Coors cans, too,” he said.

“Every American beer is $5 or under. We’ve got $10 burgers and nachos. The game is live, loud and in HD. What more do I need to do?”

“Do you guys have any suggestions? Maybe I should’ve paid for an advertorial or display advertising in The Advocate? Do you think that would’ve worked? Because posting to social media sure as shit didn’t. Anyway, go Bengals!”

Never the less, our reporter did spy three patrons at the venue.

Two of which had no idea what was going on and the other was an expat working at the North Betoota Uranium Mine.

The Uranium Industry employee Michael Rust, a California-born geologist spoke to us this morning.

“I don’t even like these teams and I’m not much for football,” he said.

“But that’s beside the point. My boss asked me if I was going to watch the game and I said, ‘yeah, if you give me the day off,’ and what do you know, he fucking did.”

“This bar is great, nobody’s here.”

More to come.


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